Currently, we offer three bedrooms, with a fourth (ground floor) opening in the summer.

Bedroom One is usually set up with a super-king sized bed, but can be arranged with either twin beds or three singles. It features an en-suite shower room with Italian fittings.

Price range: £55- £80, depending on occupancy and season.

Bedroom Two has a double bed and a roomy en-suite, with a double-ended bath and integral glass-screened shower.

Price range: £50 - £80, depending on season.

Bedroom Three, facing the garden, has a double bed and en-suite (whirlpool) bathroom with incorporated glass-screened shower.

Price range: £50 - £80, depending on season.

Special rates are offered for stays of more than three nights.

Solo guests can be accommodated in double rooms at a lower charge if availability allows. (£45 - £55.)

Female guests travelling alone, who may not wish to eat out, can order light suppers providing due notice is given.

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