Even if the weather looks set to be dreary, there is always something to do in Bath -- more than enough to fill several long weekends!

We suggest starting with an open-top bus tour, covering the major architectural sites such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus, the Paragon, and the many facets of Georgian Bath, and culminating with a panoramic view from a point high above the city.

The wonderfully preserved Roman Baths are a must (a two-hour visit with audio tape). Tea in the nearby Pump Room is highly recommended, and can be followed by a visit to the magnificent 15th century Abbey. 


Literature fans will enjoy the Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street and the many sites mentioned by the novelist Georgette Heyer, including the Assembly Rooms and  Milsom Street. 

The dozen or so museums and galleries  -- the Museum of Costume & Fashion, Beckford's Tower, The Postal Museum, The Heritage Vaults and The American Museum at Claverton among them -- are well worth a visit, as is the Victoria Art Gallery. Particularly popular are the Georgian kitchens that can be viewed at the historic Sally Lunn's Restaurant, and the authentically restored Number One Royal Crescent.

The famous Theatre Royal, opened in 1805, provides an impressive programme of plays featuring an equally impressive cast of leading actors. (Just five minutes away from Cornerways.)

Other pursuits include hot air ballooning, messing about on the river, experiencing wonderful music at the Abbey, and attending some of the many festivals, from literature and film to the Mozartfest. The Bath & West agricultural show is another popular annual event.

The Bath Rugby Team is one of the best in the country, drawing big crowds at regular winter and spring fixtures. Horseracing can be enjoyed at Bath Racecourse from April to October. 

Great pubs and restaurants and the huge selection of shops, boutiques and specialist food outlets lining the quaint back streets  are added attractions to this most delightful of cities.

For those wishing to spend a week or so here, places of interest outside Bath include Bristol, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Cheddar Gorge, numerous stately homes and gardens, and the beautiful Cotswold villages.

For additional information about Bath, go to VisitBath.co.uk, or call 0906 711 2000. For more information about other places please visit TripAdvisor

One guidebook we find particularly useful is The Naked Guide to Bath (ISBN 0-9544177-0-4), which contains some excellent routes for walking tours of the city as well as being an entertaining read. (www.nakedguides.co.uk).

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